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I like it, you can really feel the emotion, fascinating. I'd really love to know more about these two characters. "immaculate, merely w...

Colorful Christmas by jcroxas
by jcroxas

I really like the thick black lines used to mark out different areas of this piece - It makes the entire thing look like a stained glas...

Modo De Ser by jcroxas
by jcroxas

This is great, and I am very impressed at how well you are doing with these. The idea behind this is great, and the nature really reson...

Princess Mimi Ru Sasha by bluebellangel19smj

This is a very good piece, one of my favourites from your gallery, and has a wonderful combination of colours. The details around her w...


Cid had plans for the future.  He'd had ambitions when he was younger, dreams of flying into space, and being happy.  Of course, it had never worked out that way.  His dreams of the rocket had crashed and burned, and things had gone differently.  Down a path he never could have even dreamed of, a path of fighting and challenge and a beautiful pale man with tangled black hair and dark eyes.  It had taken a while to settle in, but his plans had changed and started to make a new kind of sense.  It was a sense that he could manage to live with.

Then, of course, everything had changed yet again.  Every time he thought he had things under control, his life twisted.  That was proved when Vincent ended up with the three remnants, and for some reason Cid ended up with them as part of his life.  It took a while for him to adjust to it, but he ended up liking it.  It was a family, maybe not what he had expected, but something that he could deal with.  Yazoo had learned to make good tea, and Loz was a pretty spectacular cook, so things could have been worse.

Most of the time, things could have been worse.
"What is that?" Kadaj asked softly, frowning to himself and staring at the scene on the sofa - Cloud and Tifa sitting side by side, Tifa holding their new little daughter.  Tifa was beaming, and Vincent was standing close by, watching the two of them.  
"What?"  Cid asked with a frown, looking at Kadaj.
"What is that? On Tifa's lap?"
"It's a baby."
"It's useless." Kadaj answered.  "It just sits there and cries and occasionally makes smells or loud noises."

Tifa frowned, and Vincent chuckled.
"I don't know." Yazoo chimed in.  "Her hair looks soft.  We could pet her, maybe that's what she's for."
"Or we could eat her."
"No." Cloud said with a glare towards Loz, who shrugged.  Loz looked down.
"I wasn't saying we had to eat her, just that we could, you know?"
"No one is eating my child." Tifa pointed out.

"No one is going to eat anyone."  Cid answered, walking over with his hands up.
"It's a useless little baby." Kadaj said.  "Is it slow?"
"She isn't slow." Tifa said defensively, and Cid walked over to Kadaj.  
"Come on boys, I need some help with the Chopper, leave Vincent with the other two."  Cid answered, calling the boys over and leaving Vincent to talk to Cloud and Tifa.

Kadaj frowned.
"I'm sorry."  He muttered.  "I didn't mean to upset them, I didn't.  I just... I was worried their baby was broken, because... because we were better than that."
"It's not better."  Cid answered with a sigh.  He was irritated, of course, but he felt sorry for the boys at the same time, because it wasn't right, how they thought, how they had been brought up.  "It's just that's how babies are, when they are little, before they've had a chance to be brought up properly."

There was confusion on the remnants’ faces, and Cid took a deep breath, trying to work it out.  
"Look, I know you were expected to be warriors since you were little, but children shouldn't have to do that.  Children need to know that they are doing well, and have parents looking after them."  Cid replied, and now Loz and Kadaj were nodding.  Yazoo still looked confused, but Cid knew sometimes it took him a little bit longer to work things out.  

"So what do we do?"
"We get the engine on the chopper cleaned up, and we go back and we say the baby is cute even if it smells bad.  And then? Then they leave, we wave and we're gonna look after ourselves for a while.  Then, in a few months or years, the baby's gonna be bigger and we can play with it.  Real gentle mind, you got it?"
"Got it." The boys chorused, and Cid grinned.  They were good kids, and in time, maybe they'd even like their new cousin.

With a grin he stepped into the warehouse, glancing back to check that the boys were with him.
The New Cousin - Family Bliss Verse

Enide-Dear wrote something where she had Tifa being pregnant, much to the confusion of the remnants:…. I decided to continue this idea for her family bliss contest:….
Characters (c) Square-Enix, Family bliss world is Enide-dear's


Secret Santa Gifts 2014

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 12:41 PM

Here are the amazing gifts from this year's secret santa (Which will be added to as the last few gifts arrive!):

:iconphoneix-faerie: made a gift for :iconbunnikkila: Secret Santa Nikki-Nicole-P by Phoneix-Faerie

:iconbunnikkila: made a gift for :iconenide-dear:Secret Santa - Fade by bunnikkila

:iconenide-dear: made a gift for :iconsunstroke-art:  Jailhouse ChristmasTitle: Jailhouse Christmas
Author: Enide Ddear
Rating: work safe
Pairing: RenoxVincent
For:iconphoenix-faerie:s Secret Santa. This is for :iconsunstroke-art: who wanted Vincent and Reno and :heart: Remnants!
”This must be the worse Christmas Day ever.” Brooding, Vincent stared out the small window at the falling sleet and rain. “And I’ve spent the last 30 ones in a coffin.”
“Getting spoiled, yo.” Reno grinned, leaning back on a rickety chair. He was chipping away inexpertly at a small piece of wood with a double bladed katana and waved the vaguely obscene wooden result at Vincent. “These days any Turk is happy with a Christmas indoors in the warmth with no one trying to kill you.”
Vincent raised an eyebrow at that and looked rather pointedly at the other three occupants in the small jail; three silver figures huddled together behind iron bars and glaring death at their jailors.
“Not actively trying to kill us,” Reno amen

:iconsunstroke-art: made a gift for :icontheimmortalliz:

Mature Content

2014 Secret Santa for Theimmortalliz by sunstroke-art

:icontheimmortalliz: made a gift for :iconomnicenos: 

:iconomnicenos: made a gift for :icontheamazingdiscworld: Badger Tidings by Omnicenos

:icontheamazingdiscworld: made a gift for :iconphoneix-faerie: 

:iconblank-muse: made a gift for :icongojira007: Secret Santa 2014 by Blank-Muse

 :icongojira007: made a gift for :iconmelinawolf: Melina's SECRET SANTA Christmas Tree by Gojira007

:iconmelinawolf: made a gift for :iconfirstdarkangel2001: FirstDarkAngel2001  SS Gift by MelinaWOLF

:iconfirstdarkangel2001: made a gift for :iconblank-muse: 


I've decided to put up publicly a record of the pictures I owe people/that I'm working on.  If you're missed off this list, and have asked for something, please let me know.  I'm numbering some of these for priority!
(Sketched: :star-empty: Line art done: :star-half: Finished: :star:)
- Minivengers :star:
- Secret santas :star:


This year is so busy - I'm working on my teacher training, and having an amazing time, but there's a lot to do, so I'm struggling to art.  But I really want to get more done!  How are you guys getting on?


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Thankyou :iconsesshomaru-miroku: for the original subscription which got me hooked!
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